One of the largest single span roofs in the Southern Hemisphere crowns the latest stage of the Qantas Founders Outback Museum in Longreach, Queensland, which has been designed to resemble an aircraft hangar from ground level and sits next to the original hangar operated by Qantas when it began operations in the 1920s.

Building contractor Watpac selected Colorbond steel from BHP in alternate Gull Grey and Off-White strips as the logical roofing solution to span the $7.5m, 3000sq m building. Fielders Steel Roofing used its on-site mobile rollforming technology to rollform 68m-long sheets of its KingKlip 700 profile for side to side coverage of the curved steel roof.

This method provided a practical alternative to traditional off-site rollforming methods - instead of using three separate 23m lengths of steel, a five tonne coil was simply fed through the onsite mill and cut to the full-span length.

Roofing contractor Phil Beverige from Northside Roofing says the traditional method was not an option. “Because of the museum’s remote location, transporting those materials to the site would have cost an absolute fortune and would have been a logistical nightmare,” he says. “The continuous-span KingKlip 700 cladding made installation quicker and easier,” adds Watpac spokesman, Bernie Budgen. “The continuous spans will ensure less wear and tear over the life of the roof and minimise the potential for leaks.”

Source: Building Products News.