BlueScope Steel announces the addition of six new colours to the COLORBOND Metallic steel range.

Developed in close consultation with leading colour consultants and building professionals, the new colours represent the most significant update to the COLORBOND Metallic steel range in 14 years. All six colours feature enhanced metallic lustre and sheen resulting from the innovative BlueScope technology that strategically locates mica particles within the paint system to boost light reflectivity.

A result of BlueScope’s collaboration with leading colour expert Harley Anstee of Nexus Designs, the new COLORBOND Metallic steel range include three colours in varying shades of grey ranging from light to dark, in addition to a pearl white, rich copper and a deep, dramatic black.

According to Mr Anstee, BlueScope extensively researched the colours with the aim of delivering a contemporary palette that will be relevant to the current and future needs of designers while unlocking new application possibilities. Many professionals, including architects, building designers and interior designers were consulted for their opinion.

BlueScope provided Nexus Designs with new and existing COLORBOND Metallic steel product samples. Seventeen colours were researched over 12 months. Anstee explained that the process included producing a colour board for each one, containing a physical product sample and supporting images of the colour in a variety of buildings, landscapes and architectural details.

Associate director of Fender Katsalidis Mirams Architects, Richard Weinman participated in the colour selection process and said the six chosen colours will provide architects with a fresh design palette. Describing the new colours as tonal and timeless in character, Mr Weinman said he was heartened that BlueScope consulted directly with the building professionals that actually use their products.

Mr Weinman also said that refreshing the COLORBOND Metallic steel colour palette allows architects and the design community to look at the application of the material in different ways. Having used COLORBOND steel many times in the past, he adds that they will definitely be using the new COLORBOND Metallic steel in future projects because the colours are very much within their aesthetic.

BlueScope marketing manager - Coated and Industrial Products, Gregory Moffitt said the new colours were developed in direct response to industry and customer feedback. Just as paint systems for cars continually evolve to make vehicles more attractive, BlueScope saw a need to invest in a new approach for the paint technology used for COLORBOND Metallic steel. The company also wanted to ensure the new palette included emerging colour influences and trends, resulting in a mix of earthy, neutral and striking tones.

The new COLORBOND Metallic steel colours include ARIES, a bold copper colour reminiscent of the sand and rock forms found in many areas of Australia; GALACTIC, a white shimmering colour extremely adaptable across a wide range of applications and locations; COSMIC, a silvery grey colour coordinating perfectly with pale and limed colours; RHEA, a hazy, pale grey colour with a warm yellowish overtone; ASTRO, a cool, mid grey colour that can be used exclusively or as a highlight colour; and CELESTIAN, the darkest of the COLORBOND Metallic steel colours with powerful, solid and imposing characteristics that add strength to a building.