BlueScope Steel announces the addition of six new colours to the COLORBOND range of steel building materials.

Long-established as the Australian leader in exterior colour trends, the new COLORBOND additions to the range, Basalt, Wallaby, Terrain, Mangrove, Gully and Cove are available for roofing, walling, garage doors and rainwater management applications. With the return of the popular Night Sky, the COLORBOND palette now has 22 colours, organised into Classic and Contemporary ranges. 

Reflecting architectural and design trends that point towards dependable organic tones, the six new colours have been developed to offer homeowners even greater choice, regardless of whether they desire to blend in harmoniously with the natural landscape or make a bold statement on a city street.

COLORBOND’s longstanding commitment to continuously updating its colour range has also made it a driving force in exterior design with other building product companies adopting the COLORBOND palette as a source of inspiration. A constant quality improvement programme means that the performance of COLORBOND products is continually being innovated and developed for the Australian environment. 

Expert Harley Anstee who led the team from Nexus Design in developing the new colours explains that the diverse Australian landscape is a source of inspiration; the six new colours are contemporary and, as with all COLORBOND’s offerings, based on the traditional hues of the Australian outdoors. 

Lisa Dent, manager of marketing at BlueScope Steel, adds that the new colours have been more than half a decade in the making, and are based on in-depth research carried out by COLORBOND into current and future building trends and consumer colour choices. 

COLORBOND is proud to set the standard for exterior colour design, creating a range of colours that enable homeowners to craft their own colour inspirations for their homes and streetscapes.


A powerful, modern grey with a neutral cast, Basalt deliberately lacks the green tones that would soften its impact when used in ultra-modern designs, but exudes the strength and solidity of the rock after which it is named. 


A warm and natural grey, Wallaby has a softness that allows it to be paired with a variety of both traditional and contemporary building materials ranging from glass and steel to timber and stone. 


A rich, red colour reminiscent of Australia’s famed Outback, Terrain possesses inherent warmth that lends it instant authenticity and honesty. One of the few reds in the colour palette, its boldness of colour is its strength. 


Mangrove is a very elemental colour and a new direction for greens within the palette. The grey base means that it is suited to these more environmentally sensitive times, allowing a building to complement the landscape around it. The yellow tones influenced from the Australian bush make Mangrove burst with life and vibrancy.


Gully is a sophisticated mid grey possessing both strength and warmth. Deep in hue but also neutral, making it highly relevant to numerous building applications, particularly wall cladding and rainwater goods, Gully is complex and rich yet discreet.


A powerful mid-tone colour, Cove artfully blends grey and yellow tones to create an effect of a warm welcoming golden glow.

In addition to new colours added to the range, Colorbond steel also has new coating technologies for improved corrosion resistance and paint colour durability. To know more click here