A new internet-based warranty management system will provide a faster and more instantaneous way of managing warranty assessments and applications for BlueScope Steel products.

By using BlueScope Steel's warranty management system, users will be able to view the suitability of BlueScope Steel's products for specific environments or create their own unique warranty for their own project.

Applications are then stored in the warranty management system enabling quick multiple warranty applications for various BlueScope Steel product applications.

Emails that contain the expected warranties with their activation codes, or the actual warranty information, are automatically sent to the applicant. If the application is denied, an application can be made on line for a review of the decision.

Mark Eckermann, National Market Development Manager said "Online warranty management now grants easy access to warranties for all users, from first home builders and home-owners to multi-national developers.”

"Product specifiers, manufacturers, installers, and also builders and building owners will benefit from this quick and easy service" Mark continued.

BlueScope Steel's warranty management system encompasses three online features including:

Ready Reckoner - With this quick indicative tool for new product applications the environmental suitability for a BlueScope Steel product can be assessed. Users can change various aspects of a proposed building design to see how it might impact the eligibility for warranty.

Expected Warranty Application - By submitting specific details about a proposed design, prior to construction, the expected warranty periods for products can be evaluated.

Actual Warranty Application - Generate a new warranty document by a step-by-step guide through the application process. A warranty certificate is then produced immediately and made available to download or print.

The BlueScope Steel warranty management system is located on the BlueScope Steel website.