Growing demand for steel house frames has seen the launch of new manufacturing company, Steel Truss, in Newcastle.

Rollforming its own frames and installing them state-wide, Steel Truss is ideally positioned to service the increasing demand among homeowners and builders for house frames made from TrueCore steel.

Steel Truss has forecast sales of around 200 house frames state-wide in its first year and orders have already been taken before its machinery started in early March.

“We knew this would be successful,” said Steel Truss Director, Mike Pearl, “but the reception we have had from the building community has been good.”

Frames made from TrueCore steel are 100% termite proof, easy to work with and highly durable. They are also well positioned to meet environmental and building design regulations and guidelines.

Steel Truss has adopted the proven Custom Steel framing system, which gives additional rigidity through a greater top plate load bearing, lending additional strength to the frames.

Consequently, Steel Truss will be able to supply frames to various segments in the market including project builders, owner builders, kit and transportable homes, aged care developments as well as student and tourist accommodation.

“This type of framing is of great value to all types of builder,” explains Mike Pearl, “and we have already had interest from individuals and building companies of all sizes.

“Not least for building companies, steel frames are easy to market to their customers. After all, who does not want a durable, long lasting core to their house?” added Mike Pearl. Frames made from Truecore steel come with a 50 year warranty*.  

Steel Truss currently employs five full time staff, whose combined building industry experience exceeds forty years, but expects to take on more as business develops.

More information about TrueCore steel is available from BlueScope Steel .

* All warranties subject to terms and conditions.