Termite-resistant steel frames have begun appearing in Salisbury’s Hollywood Close, South Australia, marking the start of Hamra Homes’ new 16 townhouse development.

The new, contemporary styled two-storey homes will offer a range of design features to suit most lifestyles and tastes, but also a material quality that will provide long term durability and protection.

In the first instance this includes house frames made from TrueCore steel, which offers good performance over a house’s typical lifetime.

They are strong and termite resistant, all of which helps reassure homebuyers that the cores to their homes will remain durable and secure in the years to come. These frames are now visible on Hollywood Close, prior to cladding and completion, which is expected in July.

Following the frames, Hamra Homes will also be using a range of other high quality materials and techniques for ensuring that all subsequent parts of the homes will add their durability too.

“Buying a house has always been a big decision, typically being a family’s investment” said Gaby Haidar, Marketing Manager at Hamra Homes.

“Knowing that strong, reliable products have been used in its construction is providing buyers with confidence. In fact they are increasingly interested in components such as the frames, which they were not before.”

Topping off the houses, each with three bedrooms with two living areas will be roofs made from Colorbond steel, which offer protection against extreme weather and help promote energy efficiency if properly insulated. These further add to a homebuyers’ confidence.

“Hollywood Close is to be an ideal example of modern living, where style meets practicality,” said Mark Eckermann, National Market Development Manager at BlueScope Steel .

“Hamra Homes is widely respected for its quality building, where form and function work off each other. Every aspect is considered.

“Typically a house is a family’s large investment,” Mark Eckermann concludes, “so knowing it will age well is a key decision for today’s buyer.”