BlueScope announces that its COLORBOND steel colour range is being showcased by one of South Australia’s largest home builders, Fairmont Homes, at the Penfield display village in South Australia.

BlueScope’s COLORBOND® steel colour range includes six contemporary colours introduced into the palette in late 2013.

Deborah Piro from Fairmont Homes’ Interior Design Department said COLORBOND steel was the ideal solution for roofing on the four new display homes at Penfield, SA. She added that specifying COLORBOND steel was appropriate because they needed roofing that reflected a modern colour palette, featured a sleek and elegant style, and was also durable.

COLORBOND steel’s contemporary colours – Gully, Cove, Terrain and Basalt – were chosen to roof the four display homes: Brooklyn, Ventura, Mawson and Seattle, each of which has a contemporary composite style and features a different colour scheme.

According to Ms Piro, BlueScope continually offers value in terms of greater features and benefits, such as the technology in the next generation of COLORBOND steel that increases corrosion resistance and improves durability compared to its predecessor product.”

Fairmont Homes also wanted to use the new colours because it allowed new home buyers to see the colours in situ on a house.

Ms Piro has observed a number of changes in design trends and colour palettes over her 20 years in the industry. She comments that recent developments in residential and commercial architectural trends have moved to earthy and neutral tones, which are reflected in the COLORBOND steel colours.

COLORBOND steel incorporates BlueScope’s Activate technology, which galvanically protects the product’s steel substrate to actively resist corrosion.

BlueScope’s latest paint technology also delivers improved colour durability and gloss retention compared with previous-generation COLORBOND steel.

COLORBOND steel is also used for the subdivision fencing at the Penfield display village to integrate with the colours used for the roofs.