Available from BlueScope Steel , COLORBOND steel with Thermatech technology is the roofing solution for Australian homes subject to harsh climates, high temperatures and extended periods of summer sun.

Thermatech technology is designed to reflect more of the sun’s heat, leaving the roof space, and therefore the home, cooler. It has the potential to keep un-insulated buildings up to 5ºC cooler in Summer.

In addition to thermal efficiency, the durability of roofing made from COLORBOND steel will resist chipping, peeling and cracking due to the superior, oven-baked finish. It is also non-combustible, termite resistant and secure against intruders.

BlueScope Steel offers 20 COLORBOND designer colours to suit most homes – traditional or contemporary - and their surrounding environments. These colours range from soft hues inspired by the Australian landscape, to rich traditional heritage tones and cool crisp colours.

Additionally, natural rainfall or an occasional hose wash is enough to clean and maintain COLORBOND steel.