COLORBOND steel from BlueScope Steel was used extensively in the construction of a covered sports court in New Farm, Queensland.  

The design brief required the sports court to blend in well with the neighbouring heritage listed church, Archbishop’s residence and residential buildings. The sports court was designed by architect Guy Bleney for Heathwood Cardillo Wilson Pty Ltd and built by Mt Cotton Constructions.  

The new covered sports court provides an invaluable activity space for the growing school population in an increasingly urbanised area, allowing students to come together, learn and play in a space characterised by natural light and ventilation, while also being protected from the elements.  

The COLORBOND steel roofing helped achieve minimal structural depth while the ceiling lining combined with the semi-transparent fabric cladding to provide a large internal volume of space without overwhelming the adjacent heritage listed church and residential buildings.  

COLORBOND steel was chosen for the project for advantages such as economy, light weight, high degree of transparency and low visual mass in addition to structural efficiency, ability to span, low maintenance and aesthetic appeal.  

Key highlights of the project:  

  • Efficient steel portal frame minimises the amount of structure within the space, allowing the focus to remain on the custom printed shade screen that envelopes the court
  • Well insulated COLORBOND steel roofing and vertical shade screens protect the court from the subtropical climate
  • Perforated ceiling made from COLORBOND steel reduces noise by using an aesthetically pleasing and practical solution
  • Cross ventilation in the court and adjacent hall ensures comfort in the non-conditioned space
  • Well sun-shaded space protects students against high UV exposure common in Queensland
  • Roofing made from COLORBOND steel in the profile LYSAGHT SPANDEK and colour Wilderness
  • Ceiling made from perforated COLORBOND steel in the profile CUSTOM ORB and colour Surfmist
  • Guttering and flashings made from COLORBOND steel in the colour Surfmist