According to BlueScope , COLORBOND Steel have launched a new micro site dedicated to their new solar reflectance technology, Thermatech. All roofs made from COLORBOND Steel now incorporate Thermatech solar reflectance technology, which works to reflect more of sun’s heat, leaving the roof space and therefore the building cooler. This assists in the improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings to reduce their impact on the environment. The new micro site is suitable for homeowners, architects and builders.

The new micro site includes fact sheets, a multi-media presentation, supplier information and an online colour visualiser, which lets visitors to the site upload a picture of their houses or buildings and view what it would look like with a new roof made from COLORBOND Steel.

In hot weather, a roof made from COLORBOND Steel with Thermatech solar reflectance technology can reduce peak roof temperature by up to 11°C. It can reduce annual heating and cooling consumption by an average of five% and up to 24%.

Cooler roofs also reduce the effect of urban heat islands, metropolitan areas that have higher air and surface temperatures than surrounding rural areas caused by a prevalence of dark surfaces which absorb heat from the sun. A roof made from COLORBOND Steel with Thermatech solar reflectance technology, even those in darker colours, can lower air temperatures in communities by reflecting solar radiation and maximising heat loss from a building’s roof, lowering energy demands and also the potential formation of smog.

The use of Thermatech solar reflectance technology boosts the thermal performance of every colour in the standard COLORBOND Steel palette, even the darker ones, which means some colours now have double the solar reflectance they had prior to the introduction of Thermatech solar reflectance technology. This means that a wider choice of colours are now classified as light or light in the building code of Australia’s ratings for energy efficiency and BASIX ratings for thermal efficiency. This offers builders, architects and designers a greater choice of colours and in some parts of Australia, reduced need for the amount of insulation required to meet building regulations.

The COLORBOND Steel range comes in a range of 20 contemporary designer colours, now with three new colours in the range to suit building styles such as Loft, Monument and Evening Haze.