BHP Steel has joined the fight to eliminate the pollution of Australia’s waterways by joining the Clean Site program, an initiative of Keep South Australia Beautiful (KESAB environmental solutions), which aims to reduce the impact of building and construction on the environment, particularly waterways.

KESAB is a non-government organisation that aims to restore, improve and preserve the environment through a range of dynamic business, industry and community environmental education programs.

Its Clean Site program, for example, sets out to eliminate stormwater pollution as a result of the building process, reduce occupational health and safety issues onsite, cut clean-up costs, improve builders’ image and create a better looking site overall. It does this by preserving onsite vegetation during excavation, the effective management of onsite litter and waste, maximising recycling opportunities, minimising waste, controlling erosion and promoting environmentally-friendly brick-laying, plastering and painting methods.

As a major partner, BHP Steel both supports the concept and promotes it within its own practice and to the industry as a whole.

Source: Building Products News.