BlueScope Steel  has launched a new sustainability website featuring in-depth information on steel’s sustainable credentials.

Showcasing sustainable solutions for building, infrastructure, mining, energy and manufacturing, the new website has been designed as a credible resource for sustainability specialists, industry personnel and the general public.

According to Richard Rowe, sustainability manager for BlueScope Steel, the website aims to provide an educational and visual guide to the lifecycle of steel and its impact on the consumer, community and environment at each stage.

He explains that as a responsible steel maker, BlueScope Steel is proud to publish credible and transparent information on the sustainability of steel throughout its entire lifecycle, which includes technical literature and guidance on sustainability assessment tools.

The website also features examples of sustainable steel used both nationally and internationally including residential buildings, commercial construction, industrial projects as well as larger steel schemes in infrastructure, mining, energy and manufacturing.

Highlights of BlueScope Steel’s sustainability website:

  • Lifecycle of steel from raw materials, recycled content and water usage needed for steel production to steel manufacturing and transportation
  • BlueScope Steel’s innovative collaborations with the University of Wollongong’s Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC) and the Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium (VICOSC)
  • Key aspects of the manufacturing process including material efficiency, slag and gas recycling and reuse 
  • Innovation in steel production including dematerialisation, collaboration and active participation in the ‘worldsteel Climate Action Programme’
  • Sustainable steel building solutions through appropriate design
  • Practical information on design for the Australian climate and design for sustainability including healthy indoor spaces and green rating tools such as Green Star
  • Information on cool roofs with in-depth analysis of COLORBOND steel with Thermatech technology and COLORBOND Coolmax steel
  • End-of-life re-use and recycling of steel
  • Sustainability literature on Green Star certification, Sustainability Technical Bulletins and Technical Notes from the National Association of Steel Framed Houses (NASH)