Grafton’s The Daily Examiner published an article on 22nd July 2009, titled “Security Fences are best defence” about the dramatic reduction in damage to school property at Grafton High School after a perimeter security fencing was installed.  

The security fence was supplied and installed by Bluedog Fences Australia at the school in September 2008. The project comprised some 800 metres of Sherwood security fencing, nine single gates and 7 double gates.  

The article quoted figures released by the Department of Education and Training (DET) that “there were 24 security incidents, mostly vandalism and trespass, at [the school] in the year before the fence was installed…and only one graffiti incident in the nine months since its completion.”  

DET figures quoted in the article indicated that the damage bill resulting from vandalism and arson at South Grafton High School, for the past two years, was $243,698. This damage cost “was more than 15 times higher than the damage bill at Grafton and Maclean high schools” which have been fenced in the last 2 years. The school security fencing about to reach completion at South Grafton High School is reported as costing $262,000. Based on the recent historic levels of damage experienced at the school, the security fencing will effectively pay for itself in two years.