Bluedog Fences Australia  has designed and manufactured effective high security fences which are specifically suited to government, public and commercial buildings which require a higher level of security than standard fences and alarm systems can provide.  

Securifore high security fences act as a barrier between the building and the surrounding area. A specialised mesh product has been used called Weldmesh, which surpasses government standards for strength, size and material quality. The mesh is impenetrable without obstructing views of the outside.  

Palisade high security fences are very popular with government and public service buildings across Australia as security is paramount. Palisade are designed to prevent ‘ram raid’ style break ins due to their superior strength and height.  

Often, Palisade fences are used in conjunction with:

  • Perimeter monitoring systems
  • Anti-tunnelling measures
  • Electric fencing
  • Barbed wire