Bluedog Fences Australia  has designed and manufactured a range of classic and contemporary styled pool fences which comply with Australian safety standards. The fences will be installed according to set pool standards and has been thoroughly tested and approved by an independent NAT accredited laboratory.  

The classic range follows a traditional tubular steel fence design and features 16 millimetre upright and 38 by 25 millimetre top and bottom rails. The contemporary range features square uprights to provide extra strength, and 38 by 25 millimetre top and bottom rails.  

Other styles include:
Flat top
Loop top
Loop and spear
Lever spear
Rod top
Hi lo spear

Bluedog pool fences are extremely versatile and can be customised with spear tops and post caps. The spear tops available include Carthage, Camden, Cardinal and Fleur De Lis, while the post cap styles available include black plastic or steel. Landscape design options include level, steeped, raked and steep raked.  

For added safety, an Ezy-Fit childproof pool safety latch can be installed, which uses a magnetised latch and self closing hinges to prevent children from entering a pool area unsupervised. The child proof latches are certified to Australian Standards AS2820.