North of Adelaide, the city of Tea Tree Gully is home to a thriving community of over 100,000 residents. One of the prime functions of councils is to provide safe and accessible recreation facilities to its residents.

The Torrens Linear Park is one of Tea Tree Gully’s most extensive recreational reserves and was completed in 1997 as the first of its kind developed in Australia.

Cyclists, walkers and joggers make extensive use of the trail that runs the length of the large hills-to-coast park and recent events highlighted the need for improved public safety measures.

The South Australian government provided funding to the councils, as the managers of the park, for the installation of dedicated cycleway fencing along the river.

A key design objective of cycleway fences constructed in close proximity to bike path or path facilities is that cyclists (and their bicycles) should be able to brush against fences at speed and not be injured or `caught' as a result. 

Bluedog Fences Australia had observed a gap in the industry offering cycleway fencing, resulting in Bluedog developing a modular cycleway fence solution.

Features and benefits of the modular cycleway fencing include:

  • Aesthetically pleasing and long lasting powdercoat finish 
  • Available in full or partial barrier configurations as defined in the Austroads Standard 
  • Considerably cheaper to supply and install than custom fabricated designs 
  • Compliant with the requirement of the Austroads Standard AP-11.14 99 Part 14 Bicycles 
  • Manufactured using all Australian made steel and fittings 
  • Modular system avoids the need for on-site welding, negating associated corrosion and safety concerns
Cycleway fencing will be of great interest to many local councils with the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, Anthony Albanese, announcing the Rudd Labor Government will provide a large sum of funds for bike path projects across Australia.