The Concertina doors from Trellidor Australia encompasses varieties such as locking options, roll- formed profiles, sash, stack size, top track & rollers, opening options, rivets, shoulder slides, bottom track. Concertina door is a fully framed expandable security barrier that is constructed with a unique trellis within a securely anchored frame and is suitable for expandable applications where access is required. Concertina door design creates the strongest physical and formidable deterrent that prevents the burglar from gaining entry.

Trelidor A200 residential applications are well suited for front doors, back doors, Patios, passageway and windows. The Trelidor A200 commercial application is ideal for retail security, service counters, shopfront security, access routes, computer server rooms. Trellidors are top hung in order to ensure a smooth operation with low friction and minimal maintenance and are made of galvanized steel as well as powdercoated with a unique patented lock system. Trellidor’s expanding grilles stack away neatly to 12 percent of the original size to optimize space.

The Concertina doors offers two kind of lock options such as dead lock option and Slam lock option. The unique feature of dead lock option comprises of patented draw bolt system that consists of a single key point mechanism, with two locking points, choice of two lock positions (upper and lower), five pin cylinders with customised cams in a variety of options (full, half, random, matching, master keyed, etc.)