BLOBEL Environmental Engineering  delivers Flood Protection Systems that are equipped with commercial and private assets. BlLOBEL Flood Protection Systems are being approved internationally. The flood defence walls protect the overflow of the rising water. Blobel Flood Protection Systems can globally be applied for gates, doors, fields and windows.

BLOBEL Flood Protection Systems use the high quality material. Side by side it also offers emergency containment systems. The sealing technology is supposed to be the highly chemical resistant and can safely and securely be applied with rendered walls and uneven floors. Mobile Flood control System is made with rapid closure mechanism and suitable for any types of small gates and doors.

Standard Flood Protection System is apt for any type of large gates, doors, and facility. It also protects premises, roads along rivers, and buildings. Standard Flood Protection System is regarded to be universal, and durable.

Flexible Flood Barrier System is apt for ventilation shafts and windows. It has vertical and horizontal light shafts. It is reliable, adaptable and suitable for all areas.

BLOBEL Stormwater Drain covers are designed t offer effective and fast Spill control. This also provides reliable protection even in extreme circumstance.

Permanent Shaft closures are chiefly use for external and internal usage. And applicable for all types of manholes and shafts. This is supposed to be ideal for retrofitting large facilities.