A flood protection solution from BLOBEL Environmental Engineering has paid off once again with a housing complex in Sydney completely protected against the entry of floodwaters.

Residents of the Moreton by the Park housing complex in Redfern, Australia woke up one morning in March this year to find the streets of their Sydney suburb knee-deep in rainwater. Yet none of them had any cause to worry about their cars, the lift shafts or other sensitive fixtures in the building’s underground garage.

The BL/HWS-K BLOBEL flood barrier had been installed at the entrance to the garage more than a year ago, with the flood protection product proving its reliability by automatically moving into position to prevent the basement level in this block of flats from flooding.

BLOBEL has installed six other barriers around Redfern Park as well as at the entrance to the catacombs of Redfern Stadium to safeguard against flooding.