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    BLOBEL Environmental Engineering

    Automatic Flood Barriers from Blobel

    Blobel provide well designed and manufactured flood barriers for effective flood defense and protection.

    Automatic flood barrier for reliable flood protection

    • Complies with consent authorities requirements, such as heel-proof and warning systems when the system operates
    • Adjustable closing and opening speed
    • Different configurations for different situations, e.g. a light design for areas frequented by pedestrians
    • A Heavy duty design to accommodate heavy loads and trucks
    • No pre-set heights. The BL/HWS-K is designed and fabricated to your specific needs
    • Optimal driveway integration and utilization, it can accommodate any driveway fall and be installed in an angle
    • Slip proof surfaces with different colour specifications available to match the surroundings
    • Allows for easy, regular test and service intervals through the availability of a pushbutton system
    • The system does not need hundreds of liters of water for the system to be raised. NO water wastage. Important during a drought.
    • Low excavation and pit depth, suitable for areas with a low water table


    The Flood Barrier not only self closes with rising flood waters through preset water sensors, it also provides the option to be activated through the push of a button. This can be done on-site or remotely. Therefore YOU stay in control at any given time.

    The BLOBEL automatic Flood Barrier System BL/HWS-K is an ideal system to protect your assets in the event of a flood. It has been designed to be a flexible, robust, failsafe and cost effective automated flood barrier system with many advantages. If you are not comfortable with a situation on hand, through the push of a button, it simply allows you to close any opening and protect your assets well before any flood water approaches.

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