Motrise exterior automated venetians are the ultimate in exterior window treatments.

Available from Blinds by Derrick Sambrook , these external aluminium venetians are sophisticated and fully automated. The Motrise exterior aluminium venetian blinds offer an efficient method for controlling solar gain for office blocks, hospitals, schools and private houses.

Exterior aluminium venetians are manufactured from high quality materials that have been specifically designed to resist the effects of the weather.

The blades of the exterior aluminium venetians can be rotated for light and privacy while a wind sensor is also available.

These aluminium venetian blinds are suitable for very large windows and balconies and have blade widths measuring 80mm. The blades feature rolled edges and have been chemically pre-treated and stove enamelled.

These exterior aluminium venetians are available in standard metallic silver and a range of colours upon special request. Pelmets are also available upon special request.