Blinds by Derrick Sambrook have come a long way in the last 26 years. The company has had to continually grow and expand to keep up with demand. This has meant physically relocating its showroom and manufacturing premises on a few occasions over the years so the company could keep providing its customers with the high quality, state of the art products and services they had come to expect.

According to managing director Derrick Sambrook the company places high priority on:

  • Product development and innovation 
  • Unique and well engineered product designs 
  • Superior raw materials and components 
  • Quality manufacturing processes 
  • Attention to detail in all aspects of the business 
  • High standards of customer service

This philosophy has resulted in the continued success of the company and why 75 per cent of their business is returned custom and personal referrals.

Blinds by Derrick Sambrook has gained a reputation as being a supplier of only the very best products because they know how important it is for their blinds not only to be practical and perform well but to look good too.

Being a specialist means they have to work with customers, designers, architects, specifiers and other people in the industry to provide the best solutions to a variety of residential and workplace design challenges. They can achieve this because they have a network of designers, agents and sales consultants throughout city and country Western Australia.

Blinds by Derrick Sambrook will go on being committed to providing the best quality and service to all its customers.