Blanco Appliances - M.E.A.  is one of the leading suppliers of a wide range of kitchen solutions. The products offered by Blanco Appliances - M.E.A. under kitchen solutions include Blanco connoisseur range and Blanco contemporary range. Under connoisseur range Blanco Appliances - M.E.A. has range of appliances that delivers high performance and has timeless styling as well as a designer edge.

The products from Blanco Appliances - M.E.A. under connoisseur range have unique features and functions and manufactured with a very high standard. The products of Blanco Appliances - M.E.A. can be considered as a valuable investment as these provides high customer satisfaction and utility.

Blanco Appliances - M.E.A. also has contemporary range which have sleek and good looks and better functions. All these functions make contemporary a popular choice. Kitchen solutions of Blanco Appliances - M.E.A. include sliding cutting board, axis sinks movable Calendar position, softline cooktops, softline sinks, squareline cooktops and squareline sinks. The sinks and cooktops are designed by Blanco Appliances - M.E.A. in such a way that the shape of cooktop matches with the shape of sink.

Blanco Appliances - M.E.A. offers such a wide range of variety of products with different features that it is useful to identify the features that suit oneself the most. Blanco Appliances - M.E.A. provides the checklist for the designs of its products to choose from which include environmental effects, visual balance and spacesavers.