The Bio-Oxygen air sterilisation and purification equipment from Bio-Oxygen Australia is ideal for medium and large central air conditioning systems as well as medium to heavy odour control.

Model 8000 is available as both a manual model (featuring a manual rotary dial control) and as an auto - manual model (comprising of combined manual rotary dial and automatic microprocessor control). Model 8000 also features an on/off switch, a fuse holder, control light, rotary dial to change the size of the oxygen clusters along with electron sensor and a diagnostic interface. Bio-Oxygen units may be conveniently fitted to any existing air conditioning unit without any structural changes.

'Bio-Oxygen' odour control equipment from Bio-Oxygen Australia is a complete odour treatment solution. The Bio-Oxygen odour control range from Bio-Oxygen Australia has two models; the MK2 Fan Housing (having either 1 or 2 Model 8000 Oxygen Cluster units) and the MK6-10 Fan Housing (incorporating 6 to 10 Model 8000 Oxygen Cluster units). These models are designed to inject Oxygen Clusters into an exhaust duct. The Oxygen Clusters then mix with the odours, gases and chemical vapours in the exhaust duct. Alternatively, Model 8000 Oxygen Cluster units may be placed inside the mixing plenum of an air handling unit, where they constantly decontaminate, deodorise and disinfect the air supply.