Providing clean, odour free air to its clients has been the prime focus of Bio-Oxygen Australia . The products of Bio-Oxygen Australia have found wide applications in a number of industries including food processing units and in ships and oil rigs where clean, germ free air is a necessity.

The air purification solutions from Bio-Oxygen Australia helps in tobacco smoke treatment, including the mainstream smoke (as exhaled) and side stream smoke (from tip of cigarette) treatment. After treatment through Bio-Oxygen, the air sterilization and purification equipment from Bio-Oxygen Australia, the residue left will be a few molecules of carbon dioxide and water only.

Gaseous tobacco smoke is composed of about 100 different gases and chemicals, which can also be treated using the Bio-Oxygen system.

During ripening, fruit and vegetables give off ethylene gas, which acts as a catalyst and speeds up the ripening process. Normal cool rooms cannot prevent the buildup of ethylene. Using the Bio-Oxygen system from Bio-Oxygen Australia, the ethylene gas is oxidized by the oxygen clusters produced by the Bio-Oxygen system within 5-15 seconds.

This result in the ripening process getting completely retarded and fruits can be stored for weeks and months under this condition. Furthermore, the Oxygen Clusters will also kill bacteria, fungus, mould, mildew, yeast, spores, protozoa, viruses and other organisms, thus preventing the produce from rotting. Even damaged fruits and vegetables tend to rot at a slower rate.