Bio-Oxygen Australia has been designing and manufacturing a variety of air sterilisers and air sterilisation equipment. Bio-Oxygen Australia manufactures a complete range of air sterilisation equipment to cater to all types of customers needs. The products from Bio-Oxygen Australia are also exported to a number of countries outside Australia.

The range of air sterilisers and air sterilisation equipment from Bio-Oxygen Australia has been successfully installed in a number of buildings worldwide like the Belair Hotel in Hollywood, USA, Peninsula Hotel Tokyo, Japan and in Venetian Casino, Macau, the largest casino in the world. The air sterilisation solutions from Bio-Oxygen Australia have also been installed in a number of other buildings like hospitals, office buildings, food processing plants, oil ships and rigs.

The air sterilisation solutions that are supplied by Bio-Oxygen Australia are particularly suitable in hospitals and in places where clean air is required. These solutions from Bio-Oxygen Australia help, prevent and/or reduce cross infection and epidemics from being spread by the air-conditioning systems, which continuously re-infect people. Bio-Oxygen works silently in the background to protect people from infections and epidemics in hospitals.