There’s no doubt plastic waste is one of the biggest scourges of the world today. About 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste have already been generated with 79% accumulated in landfill or our natural environment. Single use plastic bottles are one of the biggest contributors to this plastic waste.

One million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, a figure that’s expected to only increase – one trillion plastic bottles will be sold annually by the end of this decade.

When plastic bottles end up in landfill (as most do), they take a significant time to break down; in the ocean, plastic bottles kill marine life. According to Blue Planet, it’s estimated that there are over ‘half a million pieces of plastic for every square kilometre’ in some parts of the ocean. A report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation found that the equivalent of a garbage truck worth of plastic bottles was being dumped into the ocean every minute.

Things are not too rosy at the manufacturing end either: to produce 1 litre of bottled water, it typically requires 3 litres of water.

While the thought of tackling the mounting plastic waste problem can be daunting for anybody, there are simple ways for an individual to reduce the amount of personal plastic waste they produce; one way to do so is to carry a reusable glass bottle and refill using a Billi filtered water system.

Other ways to reduce your personal plastic waste contribution to the environment include eliminating disposable straws and single use takeaway containers from your lifestyle; using a reusable coffee cup or your favourite mug at cafes; and adopting recycling.

Billi and the Environment

A filtered water system from Billi Australia Pty Ltd is the first step to reducing single use plastic bottle waste in your home or workplace.

There is no need to compromise your lifestyle to reduce your carbon footprint. Billi’s low environment impact focus ensures that their sustainable appliances go beyond water and energy savings.

Billi’s total quality commitment combined with stylish designs and impressive performance makes the brand Australia’s first choice in water appliances. The energy saving design ensures that the waste heat energy generated during the chilling process is recovered using Billi’s patented technology and reused to preheat the boiling water.