Available now from Billi, the Billi B-5000 filtered water system offers instant boiling water or refreshing chilled water at any time of the day or night.

Designed for high use and to meet green building design principles, the Billi B-5000 filtered water system only operates when it is needed thanks to the built in eco-intelligence software that helps to eliminate unnecessary power consumption.

Both functional and elegant, the Billi B-5000 filtered water system also efficiently saves space thanks to its small footprint, the smallest of any combined boiling and chilled filtered water system available.

Certified by global public safety agency NSF International, the Billi B-5000's premium sub-micron filters ensure that all health threatening pollutants and impurities are safely removed from the filtered water, while flourides are retained, leaving users with clean drinking water, every time.

From a different safety perspective, the Billi B-5000 filtered water system features heat insulated body and concealed childproof safety switch to ensure a high level of user protection. Furthmore, Billi’s Splash Free boiling water delivery means that flow is electronically varied, slowing momentarily to eliminate splashing as the water first enters the cup.

Billi B-5000 filtered water systems also have a range of design features, including:

  • unique air cooling system to further enhances energy efficiency and removes the need for cabinet ventilation
  • will integrate into any storage module design and fit easily within a standard cupboard compartment
  • font can be easily installed anywhere, not just near a sink area, and is classicly designed to coordinate with other design features and appliances
  • colour coded levers
  • position sensitive levers to allow control of boiling water flow rate
  • swivel action allows the dispenser to be swung out of the way for more sink space
  • cast from solid metal alloy to withstand rigours of high use environments
  • easy-change replacement filter.