Leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of high quality drinking water and washroom systems, Billi Australia Pty Ltd is now offering a technological innovation to help facility managers and service providers save time and enhance service levels.

Time efficiency and exceptional customer service are important and desired outcomes in the world of facilities management. Billi’s latest innovation, the Billi Management System (BMS) will enable service providers and facility managers to monitor the status of every Billi drinking water appliance on the premises from a single location, saving time, increasing staff satisfaction and providing excellent customer service.

Installed on the Facility Manager’s PC, Billi BMS software can be configured to send email alerts when any of the systems requires maintenance, ensuring quick and efficient repair, and resulting in high customer and staff satisfaction.

Billi Marketing Manager, Katie Jones explains that the new BMS software is specifically designed to better streamline facilities management by enabling better customer service, with facility managers being made immediately aware of maintenance requirements on a site, allowing them to take immediate and proactive action. The system also saves time, assisting in rectifying issues quickly, reducing downtime as well as increasing staff satisfaction through the reduction of complaints.

Billi’s BMS is available in two options with one version providing only email alerts while the second delivers email alerts and also becomes the single control point software.

Billi’s range of award winning boiling and chilled drinking water systems offers energy and water efficiency benefits, making the systems an essential appliance in commercial and residential kitchens and washrooms.

The networking concept will be launched at FM Live in Sydney on June 5 and 6, 2013.