Drinking water appliances specialist Billi Australia Pty Ltd has entered into an alliance with Pentair (Everpure) to launch a new range of high performance water filters.

The success of any company depends directly on the productivity and performance of its workforce; employers therefore are responsible for ensuring the wellness of their employees. However, many Australian workers are exposed to a number of potentially harmful chemicals and impurities each day through drinking water. 

Billi’s partnership with Pentair aims to ensure Australian workers have access to the purest drinking water. Pentair is a worldwide leader in water filtration systems. 

The new high performance water filters will ensure many of the chemicals that pose a danger to health are now effectively filtered out, enabling the delivery of safe drinking water to employees.

Based on advanced technology, the new filtration systems incorporate a five-stage filtration process (sediment, mechanical, chemical, mineral and bacterial) and are specifically designed to cater to areas with poorer water quality throughout Australia, and provide high quality and healthy drinking water.

The new alliance with Pentair to introduce the fully certified high performance water filters complements Billi’s already impressive range of boiling and chilled water systems, which are designed to be the ultimate drinking appliance for kitchens, boardrooms and offices. 

Billi’s new range of water filters offers market leading performance, producing a higher flow rate, lower pressure drop and longer life. The filters boast a specific chloramine removal filter that eliminates this potentially dangerous chemical from the water source. Chloramine, a combination of chlorine and ammonia is now used as a supposedly safer water disinfectant in many areas throughout Australia and standard filters fail to eradicate this chemical from drinking water. 

Billi marketing manager Katie Jones comments that its award-winning boiling and chilled water drinking systems are preferred by designers and architects for their timeless styling and spacing saving design, and are also greatly beneficial to installers, boasting an extremely compact underbench unit footprint and ease of installation.