The Australian market for commercial design is booming. Thanks to burgeoning populations and an ongoing trend toward urban densification, marked growth is evident in all commercial sectors across the country, from offices and healthcare facilities to hospitality and retail spaces. This period of growth coincides with the rising popularity of multi-residential developments, and has major repercussions on design culture. To meet the high level of demand and accommodate growing populations, spaces are becoming increasingly compact. In the residential sector, this means smaller living spaces, and in the commercial sector it translates into multiple tenancies and shared office space.

In a practical sense, the shift toward smaller footprints has made space a key consideration and prompted designers and specifiers to investigate design solutions that deliver performance within compact dimensions. This is true of all aspects of design, but is particularly the case in high-use rooms such as kitchens, where storage and bench space are critical. Users and designers are seeking kitchen appliances that meet health outcomes and deliver amenity without compromising on performance and space consumption.

For over 25 years, Billi has led the Australasian market for water filtration systems, delivering stylish, high performance solutions for healthy and sustainable living and workspaces. Reflecting their characteristic attentiveness to current construction trends, the water filtration specialists provide a range of space-saving options that meet the demands of today’s compact spaces. 

Billi Eco

Designed to meet the demands of today’s compact living and working spaces, the Billi Eco is the smallest boiling and chilled tap on the market. Catering for galley kitchens, kitchenettes, and other environments in which space is limited, Eco fits neatly beneath the kitchen sink without taking up valuable storage space. The slimline unit can be discreetly concealed inside an under-bench cabinet, with Billi’s unique design minimising cupboard ventilation requirements.

The Billi Eco can deliver instant boiling and chilled water for up to 10 people and is compatible with most Billi dispensers and dispenser finishes. It can also be combined with Billi sparkling systems to deliver the ultimate drinking water experience in even the smallest spaces.

Billi Quadra

For spaces with higher occupancy and less restrictive space requirements, the Billi Quadra poses a high performance, space-saving solution. Catering for up to 180 people, Quadra can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different office sizes and employee numbers whilst maintaining a unit size that is smaller than most instant chilled and boiling units on the market. Highly functional and compatible with the full range of Billi dispensers, Quadra is ideal for environments in which both style and performance are required. 

Like Eco, Quadra is GreenTag certified and highly energy efficient, making it the ideal choice for projects aiming to meet Green Building Design standards and achieve outstanding sustainability credentials.

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