A new white paper, commissioned by drinking water and washroom system manufacturer Billi, explores the benefits of incorporating green values into all aspects of a building project and the consequences associated with ignoring climate change.

Building a green future: the value of working green design into any project deals with the rising concerns surrounding climate change and its subsequent impacts on the planet and its inhabitants. With the potential risks associated with global rising temperatures, embracing the green movement is crucial now more than ever.

On top of the environmental, and health and safety consequences associated with climate change, financial and reputational damage also exists for businesses that continue to remain ignorant of the issues.

The paper goes on to discuss the realities of climate change and the potential impacts of such if patterns continue the way they are going, before going into the ways in which the built environment, as the world’s single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, can reduce its effects on the planet.

More so than that, adopting green approaches to construction and occupation of a building can not only assist the planet, but also companies and the individuals within. While a serious issue that requires unprecedented levels of multilateral cooperation, there are many opportunities for growth that emerge from tackling climate change head on.

The guide is free to download and comes with additional information on some of the project cost benefits of incorporating green values into a project’s design. While a premium for green construction does exist, its cost compared to standard construction is typically negligible, especially when taking into account the investment returns over time.

For more information on building a green future and the value of incorporating green design into any project, download the white paper here.