Operable walls from Bildspec Distributors were installed at Wesley Mission’s state-of-the-art conference venue in the Sydney CBD to allow flexibility in the use of their various conference spaces. Wesley Mission is a Christian charitable organisation committed to helping people of all ages and abilities.

One of Sydney’s premier conference venues, the Pitt Street location is fully supported by in-house catering and an on-site audio-visual team. The venue caters to a diverse range of clients from the public and private sectors, with the state-of-the-art facility hosting a wide range of events, including annual general meetings and board meetings, product launches and exhibitions, seminars and training days, roadshows and concerts, lectures and examinations and more.

Moveable, operable walls of the highest quality and flexibility were required to provide efficient acoustic separation between the venue’s various conference spaces, as well as between the conference areas and the main assembly/atrium area.

Bildspec’s operable walls were used to make individual spaces larger or smaller, depending on the specific requirements of clients and their events while also meeting on-site acoustic requirements, and complying with the strict double-egress requirements of the venue.

Bildspec worked with Wesley Mission to source a cost-effective face finish that did not compromise the budget or aesthetic goals of the organisation.