Bildspec was engaged by Enboarder, an experience-driven onboarding platform for managers and new hires, to provide powder coated, double-glazed glass office partitions for their meeting rooms as part of their new ultra-chic Sydney office fitout.

Bildspec installed 4-panel centre stacking movable acoustic wall panels including full height pass doors. Each panel has sweep seals on the top and mechanical retracting seals on the bottom. The full glass partitions support the look and feel of collaboration and lightness that the company sought to create in their office space.

Bildspec operable walls are often utilised to allow more flexibility in meeting spaces or boardrooms. These operable walls offer varying acoustic properties to each application, and are not only fit for purpose but also highly attractive and user friendly.

Operable walls allow a limited transfer of sound from the external office into the smaller individual space. Bildspec’s glass office partitions facilitate see-through connection of spaces with acoustic reduction properties, making them very popular in boardroom and meeting room applications.

Bildspec’s double-glazed movable acoustic wall panels are used for internal applications only, and available in 100mm (GlasWal100) panel thickness. It consists of top-supported, manually operated panels that can be linked together to form a sound attenuating barrier. These glass partitions have been tested for their acoustic performance at CSIRO’s acoustic testing facilities in Clayton, Victoria and are rated up to 48Rw, in accordance with AS1191.