An acoustic operable wall from Bildspec is allowing classrooms at Maitland High School to function simultaneously, enhancing the adaptability and usability of learning spaces.

A Bildspec Series 100 Rw45 centre stacking acoustic operable wall was installed between classrooms at the school, allowing learning activities to continue without unwanted noise passing between the two spaces.

Operable walls improve the effectiveness of classrooms by allowing learning spaces to be adapted to accommodate small or large groups; optimising the use of flexible spaces that allow students to use technology in a variety of settings; and providing opportunities to enhance skills in collaboration, communication, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

With Bildspec acoustic operable walls, you have the flexibility to divide or open up learning spaces to suit your requirements. These acoustic walls can also contain large format windows allowing maximum light transfer and creating an open, airy feeling in classrooms, which in turn provides an enhanced learning experience.

Larger format acoustic moveable walls are often installed in the activity areas of schools, including multipurpose halls, music rooms and amphitheatres among others. Such custom folding doors enable easy and flexible separation of larger spaces into smaller social, activity-based and performance areas.