BildaVoid Concrete Voidforming Systems  has announced the recent addition of SupaVOID to its existing range of void form products.

“SupaVOID is our premium product,” says Christine Mancer of BildaVOID Concrete Voidforming Systems.

“The difference is in the outer layer of fibre board. We have incorporated a polymer lining which offers excellent water resistance.”

“One of the problems we have been faced with over the years is the premature collapse of the void form due to excessive moisture either in the soil or due to rain forcing the builder to replace the void form and causing lengthy delays in construction.”

“Apart from the addition of the polymer lining, the product itself is far superior then any other on the market.”

“The patented internal component of twin cushion partition sections, not only provide a higher load bearing capacity, they lock together tightly so if the panels are cut on site, they stay together. The outer box is hot glued providing additional strength and durability.”

“Another feature of BildaVoid’s Cellular and SupaVOID panels are that they can be supplied unassembled. This is particularly useful when transporting large quantities interstate,” said Christine Mancer.