BildaVoid Concrete Voidforming Systems  has announced the recent addition to its range of void form products – SupaVOID.

“The difference is in the outer layer of fibre board. We have incorporated a polymer lining which offers excellent water resistance.”

“Our SupaVOID range comes in our standard panel size of 1100 X 1100mm as well as 1100 X 300mm for use in beams and trenches.”

“Both sizes come in thicknesses of 50mm, 75mm 100mm & 150mm and can be stacked to create greater depths. We can also manufacture custom made void form to suit any application.”

Apart for supplying environmentally friendly, sacrificial self collapsing void form BildaVoid Concrete Voidforming Systems also supplies polystyrene cut to measure along with standard waffle pods at competitive prices.

BildaVoid Concrete Voidforming Systems now have manufacturing in QLD, NSW and SA, thus able to supply a greater range of products to all states.