MaxiFloor is a new Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) flooring product from Big River Group that combines high strength with excellent airborne noise transmission properties to provide a quiet floor without the squeakiness, bounce and flex of particleboard floors.

The latest addition to Big River’s AAC suite, MaxiFloor follows the nationwide release of MaxiWall in Australia in September 2017. MaxiWall is also a cost-effective, sustainable AAC product with excellent structural, soundproofing and fire-resistant properties.

Available as 75mm and 50mm thick panels, MaxiFloor provides an ideal base for almost any floor covering including timber, vinyl, carpet and tiles in both interior as well as exterior applications such as decks and balconies. No different from a conventional particleboard installation, MaxiFloor is non-combustible, making it ideal for any application requiring specific fire ratings.

MaxiFloor is manufactured from a mix of cement, sand, lime and water, and aerated by adding an expanding agent. The result is a steel reinforced concrete panel filled with small, finely dispersed air bubbles, which is both strong and lightweight, and resistant to termites and vermin.

Big River’s new AAC flooring product is also environment-friendly, with the pollutant-free building material sourced from world-class production facilities using German technology and automated processes to ensure every panel delivers optimum quality and consistency. The use of reduced raw materials helps avoid about 30 per cent of environmental waste compared to traditional concrete and 50 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions.

MaxiFloor is fully compliant with current Australian Standards.

Describing MaxiFloor as a product of the future, Jim Bindon, Managing Director of Big River Industries says the product’s superior thermal insulation properties will keep the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reducing overall energy costs – all at a significantly reduced cost compared to a traditional concrete slab floor.

MaxiFloor is wholly owned and exclusively distributed in Australia by Big River Group, supported by the company’s 13 outlets.