Clark Tanks’ rainwater tanks are available from Big Country Supplies . These rainwater tanks are manufactured with a leaf strainer cover, which helps in keeping the water free from algae. These tanks are fabricated with large UV stabilised strainers.

These rainwater tanks supplied by Big Country Supplies come with a ball float which helps in sealing off the dirty water. The rainwater tanks from Big Country Supplies are available with water diverter kits which help in preventing the dust from entering into the tank.

The rainwater tanks are also available with discharge caps, which can be used to empty roof dust and debris. The raised overflow outlet of the rainwater tanks supplied by Big Country Supplies ensures maximum water storage.

The 90mm down pipe that comes with these rainwater tanks helps in draining the overflow water away from the tank, thereby reducing soil erosion around the tank. These rainwater tanks are manufactured with 90mm gauze, which prevents mozzies and frogs from entering the tank.

Big Country Supplies offer Clark Tanks’ rainwater tanks in a range of colours including merino, bronze olive, belge, light grey, slate grey, heritage red, wheat, torris blue, mountain blue, black, smooth cream and river gum. Big Country Supplies also offer other accessories like pumps, filters and brass gate valves.

Leaf strainer covers, available from Big Country Supplies, are used to prevent sunlight from entering the tank. These leaf strainer covers are available in sizes that range from 400 millimetres to 500 millimetres diameter. The Water diverter kit is another optional feature available with rainwater tanks supplied by Big Country Supplies. These water diverter kits are used to stop the first flush of dust and rain from entering the tank.