Bicycle Victoria  is a community service organisation that conducts programs on cycling benefits awareness and also holds annual events to promote various social causes. This is in addition to offering a wide range of bicycle parking products. Specialists at Bicycle Victoria can design, supply and install parking facilities, rails and customised parking products for existing as well as newly constructed buildings.

Commercial parking products from Bicycle Victoria include parking rails, layout specifications and wall mounted parking rails. The Ned Kelly model of parking rails are ideal for locations with space constraints whereas the Anaconda model has rails that are freestanding and provide for multiple bike parking. Layout specifications available include flat top and inverted U parking rails. Effective space utilisation is the keyword in the Mona Lisa parking rail model where bikes are stores in the wasted space above car bonnets. The towel parking rails and vertical wall mounted parking rails are other models that offer simple single level parking solutions.

For locations without security concerns like garages, lock up sheds and store rooms, simple and easy to install parking systems can be used. These include Hangman, Hoistmonster, Kwik Klamp and Superstand bike stands.

Bicycle Victoria also works with social and governmental organisations to promote its own goals as well as other general issues of environmental concern.