Bianco Rainsaver MK3e is a new line of plug-and-play automatic changeover devices designed for seamless changeover from the rainwater tank to the mains water supply.  
Surface mounted pumps require a float switch to facilitate seamless changeover from the tank to mains water supply.  

The earlier version of the device, Bianco Rainsaver MK3 featured a patented hydrodynamic design and could not be sold separately, and hence could not replace existing or faulty rainwater changeover devices.  

The Bianco Rainsaver MK3e rain water harvesting changeover devices were launched in late 2010 to specifically target these new segments.  

Bianco Rainsaver MK3e electronic changeover devices are suitable for: 

  • Homes with rainwater tanks without a changeover device 
  • Conversions from top-up system to fully automatic changeover from rainwater to mains water supply 
  • Replacing faulty or unreliable changeover devices of other brands 
The Bianco Rainsaver MK3e electronic mains changeover devices can be fitted to any brand of independently controlled household water pressure system up to 1.1kW (1.5 HP). Designed for plug-and-play installation, the device can be connected to the pump without the services of an electrician.