Barazi Bezzera Coffee Machines  is the distributor for premier Bezzera Italian espresso machines and Fetco American Coffee Brewers. Barazi Bezzera Coffee Machines also offers a full range of Bezzera spare parts and technical services to install and maintain the equipment.

Bezzera machines are designed to balance an optimal environment of 8 to 9 atmospheric pressure. When the pressure begins to exceed that level, a special valve opens and diverts the water to either the water reservoir or towards the drip tray. This process protects the pump from excessive pressure buildup and also prevents the machine from coffee spillage. In addition to a device for keeping the pressure controlled, the machine also features a thermostat control device. This device automatically controls the brewing temperature to the optimal level.

Commercial Bezzera espresso machines feature a pre-infusion process which improves the quality of coffee extraction. All Bezzera coffee machines have an eleven litre boiler which allows steam for frothing and the espresso process. The coffee machines are available with single and double handles and come with a variety of baskets from 6 gram to 24 gram. Barazi Bezzera Coffee Machines distributes the latest range of Bezzera coffee machines.