Beyond Furniture’s  modern TV cabinet is a clean and elegant balance of simplicity and practicality.

The first thing you notice about it is how little space the TV Cabinet seems to occupy although it is 2400mm long.

Sensitivity to its customers’ needs guides Beyond Furniture’s designers. As TV sets have become slimmer Beyond Furniture has narrowed the depth of the TV cabinet to only 450mm, while retaining the height at a comfortable 540mm.

DVD players and other electronic equipment are concealed behind smooth sliding doors of frosted glass through which remote control signals can operate.

At first glance the designer TV cabinet of Polyurethane finish in glossy dark grey is almost black but seems to radiate a warmer glow. This is due to the quality of the Italian paint and the good finishing process with which it has been applied.

Three layers of Ultra-violet base coatings has been applied to seal the wood and make a base for colour lacquering, then three layers of colour coatings are applied.

As each layer is dry it is painstakingly sanded to create smooth and even surface for the next application, finally a buffing machine is used with fine wool to polish the surface to create a glass-like smoothness that is both shock resistant and able to withstand heat. This designer TV cabinet is also available in glossy white.

The TV cabinet lower drawer can vertically store DVD/CD, and a storage rack is also available as an option. The drawers are made from nine cross-placed and bonded hardwood veneers that prevent them from warping, expanding or contracting with the weather, and to ensure the drawers’ smooth operation.