One of the main attractions of clear glass top tables is that, being transparent, they give the appearance of floating in space without adding to visual congestion.

Beyond Furniture’s  designers have created glass dining tables that will make a great statement for your dining room with clean line, great in proportion and gracious balance between function and aesthetics, a look that is urbane, stylish and sophisticated.

The thick glass top is tempered glass which is eight times stronger than common glass, and come either clear or in a Satinato finish that is achieved using a sophisticated new Italian technology to create a surface similar to but more scratch resistant than frosted glass. Unlike common glass, if tempered glass should break it will shatter into very small, non-sharp fragments, it is safer.

The glass appears to rest on stainless steel plates on the top surface of the legs but in fact it is firmly secured to the plates by a completely invisible German bonding process using ultra-violet technology.

The round table has aluminium legs that have been sand-blasted to impart a subtle texture, while the rectangular table has aluminium legs faced on the outside surfaces with wood veneer that matches the timber of the chairs. Both models are available in several sizes.