Besser Products , exclusive representative for Rhenocoll products in Australia, offers water based stains and coatings for long lasting protection of exterior woods.

Kompakt Exterior is a water based coating system exterior wood surfaces and can be used as one primer and 1 or 2 finishing coatings. This wood protection system is ideal for decks, facades, and balconies.

The water based coatings are environmentally friendly, have a neutral odour and offer double UV protection. They are also non flammable and solvent free.

The three coatings for exterior wood applications include:

Rhenocoll Decks

Especially designed for exterior wooden floors and wood finishes, such as balconies and patios, this is a high quality impregnating glaze that penetrates deep into the wood, accenting the texture and letting the wood breathe.

Rhenocoll Stain Extra

This medium-film high solids glaze is designed for exterior wood, facades and balconies. It will protect against rain and sun and forms a thin film which lets the wood breathe.

Rhenocoll Ultra Flex UV

This film forming glaze is transparent or semi-opaque, and is designed for exterior use on garden houses, beams, balconies, facades, panelling, building elements, and windows and doors. Provides great weather resistance and is elastic, meaning it moves with the wood.

More detailed information regarding these wood protection coatings is available from Besser Products.