Aqua Glaslack is a waterbased coating which is ideal for many applications including glass kitchen splashbacks. Glaslack also offers the possibility to give a decorative effect to glass with metallic effects in order to screen from view or as a design feature. It is available from Besser Products .

Features of this Coating for kitchen splashbacks:

  • It is environmentally friendly
  • No special preparation of glass is needed prior to application
  • There is only one component product - no hardener or thinners are needed
  • Ready-to-use transparent and clear water-based varnish with built-in special effects It spreads well onto kitchen splashbacks
  • It is abrasion and scratch resistant
  • It offers excellent adhesion according to DIN EN ISO 2409
  • It is easy to process
  • It offers excellent resistance to UV light and IR radiation
  • Over 10,000 colour formulas are available from local and international colour charts