Bentley Systems announces the availability of a new industrial-strength app designed to provide online and offline field access to current information to enable better-informed, real-time decision making and increased safety compliance.

Bentley Systems specialises in providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure.

The new Field Supervisor app for the iPad extends the reach of information securely managed by Bentley’s ProjectWise and eB, as well as data stored in other user repositories to construction workers in the field through online as well as offline access.

This access to data empowers field workers to quickly and confidently make on-site decisions based on a unified view of relevant, current, and complete project information, leading to enhanced productivity and project quality, compliance with safety standards, and reduced risk.

The app’s simple user interface minimises user distraction when accessing information, enhancing worker safety.

Bentley Systems’ Field Supervisor app also enables field workers to create personalised views that group and filter information stored in multiple project data sources based on relevance to specific project roles and tasks. One-click access into these views and one-tap synchronisation with the data source make it simple to locate the exact types and most current versions of information needed, further accelerating the decision-making process.

Harry Vitelli, Bentley vice president, construction and field explains that supervisors, foremen, inspectors, and other field construction professionals are tired of wasting countless hours searching through hundreds of printed documents to find the handful that are relevant to their project tasks. There are concerns about the information not being up to date, with the resultant decisions even impacting safety compliance and/or risk management.

However, Field Supervisor brings a new level of confidence and assurance to on-site decision making by providing field workers in the construction industry with the right information, at the right time and in the right place.

The construction industry has long been challenged by barriers to effective collaboration, and by the fact that virtually all construction productivity applications cease to be useful on the construction site. iPads have created a new platform for mobile productivity, with Bentley matching the flexibility of this form factor with the mobility, security, and simplicity of Field Supervisor.

The advanced and secure information mobility that Field Supervisor provides is available at no additional charge to all holders of Bentley Passports. The new Bentley App can be downloaded on iTunes or on the Bentley Systems website.