Bentley Systems, Incorporated has announced that the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is celebrating the successful deployment of Bentley’s Advanced Routing and Permitting System (ARPS). The system streamlines the issuance and administration of oversize/overweight (OS/OW) vehicle permits for the state. As a result of the deployment, Georgia reports extensive improvements in its ability to capture and share OS/OW information.

“What we can do with ARPS is phenomenal,” Kathleen Gibson, Permit Office administrator for GDOT says. “Formerly, our customers could not do electronic business with us. ARPS not only ensures the capture of a full range of permitting information, it also gives us a tool for data management, quality control, and customer satisfaction.”

ARPS allows the Permitting Office to maintain its standing goal to issue permits within a two-hour time frame 99 percent of the time. On average, the Permitting Office issues approximately 800 permits per day.

“ARPS has already had a positive impact on the way Georgia manages carrier business, from electronic distribution of permits to enforcing on-road carrier compliance,” Ernest Vera, GDOT project manager says.

With complete data capture, the Permitting Office not only helps Georgia Department of Revenue and Department of Public Safety, Motor Carrier Compliance Division recover delinquent revenue, but also delivers up-to-the-minute accounting information to its customers. For example, the Permitting Office can quickly provide carriers that use third-party permit brokers with a complete list of carrier account charges.

The next phase of ARPS implementation at GDOT, slated for completion this summer, will allow some companies and load types to self-issue certain types of permits over the Internet. The third and final phase of implementation, slated for this fall, will install the automated routing portion of the contract.

“Once we have implemented the automated routing with phase three, I expect to see permitted loads like routine super-loads being evaluated and issued in under 10 minutes,” Kathleen Gibson says.

Bentley ARPS automates the entire process involved with the permitting and routing of nondivisible loads, addressing application compliance; determining safe, expedient routes; tracking permit applications through the process; issuing and automatically delivering permits; assessing proper fees; and performing accounting for permit transactions.