Bent and Curved Glass was commissioned to manufacture high quality frameless curved glass balustrades for a stunning stair design at the Hugo Boss flagship store in Sydney.

Representing the growing trend towards heavyweight toughened laminated glass solutions in commercial environments, the curved stair design was created by Hugo Boss’ German architects as the centrepiece of their new Sydney store.

Bent and Curved Glass was required to create the inner balustrade consisting of steeply raking, shaped, tight radius panels. The fully exposed edges required exacting tolerances to achieve accurate edge alignment with uniform and smooth edge interlayer and glass finish, which is not easily possible in curved heavyweight toughened laminated glass.

The success of the curved glass installation required not only technically sophisticated manufacturing methods but a high level of operator skill and experience in both glass bending and laminating processes.

Bent and Curved Glass was able to achieve the high level of excellence demanded by an international high end fashion label for their Australian flagship store.