Bent and Curved Glass  manufactured the fully frameless curved glass balustrade for the feature lobby staircase at the Crown Metropol Hotel in Melbourne’s Casino precinct.
Designed by Bates Smart Architects, the double height lobby is highlighted by the sculptural ribbon staircase, which rises to an impressive 7.2m.
Bent and Curved Glass worked closely with Bates Smart through the design development phase of the curved glass balustrade, which was an ever evolving design.
This has resulted in the staircase becoming the largest cantilever staircase of this type in the Southern hemisphere. A horizontal cantilever of 12.5m is achieved with no visible means of support.
Glass was a key element in the design, so as to allow the dominant structure to attain a lightness and fluidity reflecting the ‘ribbon motif’, which was consistent with other major elements of the overall design.
The curved glass balustrade allows a free flow of light and vision through the void area.
Strong dark lines of the stringer and handrail elements weave their way through the space, unhindered by the clear, clean glass expression of the balustrade and the thin supporting tension rods from above.
Bates Smart used clever, simple detailing to contribute to the sense of lightness, which is felt by visitors as they ascend and descend the staircase.
The curved toughened glass is conceal fixed into a bottom recess, which is independent of the handrail and post supports.
At the top of the staircase, curved laminated glass is incorporated where the glass balustrade turns through a very tight bend, as the stair landing transitions into the upper floor level.